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Workshop FAQs

I’ve been getting a number of questions about the Scuba Sutras Workshop.  Thank you for your interest, and hopefully you’ll find all your answers here.  And if you need more information, please email me: I’ll be happy to link up with you.

Who’s the workshop meant for?

This workshop is meant for mid- and senior-level leaders who manage teams and who have specific deliverables tied against time lines.

What can we learn in this workshop?

As business leaders, we all go through enormous pressure to deliver .. and more often than not, deliver right the first time.  In this environment of change and challenge, all of us make mistakes … which can test even the most experienced person.  The Scuba Sutras workshop will help you look forward, anticipate change and challenges, and plan better for these.  These are based on the ten sutras that you can read about in this blog.

Looking at business issues through a “diver’s mask”, you will learn how to look at leadership issues not in isolation, but as a whole, and be able to apply these at your work place quickly and confidently.

How is the workshop structured?

The three day Scuba Sutras workshop is an outbound exercise that combines scuba diving experience with lessons in leadership. In the safe, calm waters of St Georges Bay in Goa, you can experience these principles for yourselves. By immersing you in an environment that is totally different from ones that you are used to, the Scuba Sutras workshop forces you as managers and leaders out of comfort zones and brings in tremendous experiential learning to understand, and learn to apply, key leadership skills.

Can multiple people from my company attend this workshop? What is the pricing for the workshop?

Yes.  In fact, I’d recommend that atleast two people from each company participate in this workshop.  You’ll have a buddy to discuss “dive” with when you are back at work after the workshop!

Pricing for the workshop is Rs 75,000 per participant.  However, if there are four or more participants from one organization, please contact me for special pricing.

Is diving included in this workshop price of Rs 75,000?

Yes.  The price is all-inclusive of stay, food, AND diving.  Only your travel to Goa and back is not.  Contact me for more details on what’s included.

How do I register for the Workshop?

Go ahead: Hit that big red button right below!

Register me!

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