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The Scuba Sutras Workshop: 14, 15 and 16 October 2011

The Scuba Sutras Workshop

October 14, 15 and 16, 2011

Three days in Goa, includes Scuba diving

Fee per Participant: Rs. 75,000 inclusive of stay, food and diving. (Travel to-and-fro Goa not included.)

For four or more participants from one organization, please contact me for special pricing.




Smart organizations know that executives at all leadership levels are increasingly being called on to lead their teams into unfamiliar, untested, and occasionally unstable territory. To face this challenge, they need effective strategies, tools, and techniques for guiding their teams forward with greater confidence.

The Scuba Sutras: Lead with Impact! program enables participants to examine their leadership qualities through the lens of personal introspection while immersed in the unfamiliar world of the scuba diver. By experiencing, and exploring the best practices needed for developing a personal leadership style in this unfamiliar environment, they will acquire the self-assessment and action-tools needed to develop their leadership potential.

The Scuba Sutras: Lead with Impact! provides the innovative techniques and best practices needed to become an extraordinary leader in extraordinary times.

What You Can Expect

The 3-day Scuba Sutras: Lead with Impact! integrates published cases in leadership (from Harvard, Wharton and Stanford), thousands of hours of coaching and mentoring (from NSRCEL at IIM-Bangalore), and actual scuba diving experience, in a powerful set of lessons that are:

Hands on and Practical, so that you can experience the tasks at hand

Challenging, yet Fun, to add to the retention of lessons imparted

Real and Meaningful, so that they can be applied to your own work environments, and finally

Memorable so that you can continue to relate to these lessons, and apply them in ways that fit into your own work environments.

You will gain proven techniques and best practices to help you better manage and develop teams, handle adversity, and enhance your leadership potential. Through case studies, you will see how some of the best business leaders across the globe have applied the Scuba Sutras unconsciously to their own organizations and businesses .. and you will learn to apply the same principles to your own organization.

Participant Profile

The Scuba Sutras: Lead with Impact! program is designed specifically for high-impact, emerging leaders with more than 10 years of experience in roles of increasing responsibility. Participants are top performers in positions of authority who want to grow into a greater leadership role. They represent companies of all sizes and stages in diverse, growing industries.

Typical participant titles include Vice President, Director, Program Manager and Senior Manager.

While the program focuses on individual development, companies sending groups of participants from different functions will facilitate collaboration, teamwork, and learning throughout their organizations. This helps to create:

  • A group with a common style in thinking and conversing about leadership issues

  • A common understanding of the challenges confronting emerging leaders—and the ways to avoid potential pitfalls

  • Cross-functional collaboration using the same leadership principles across functions, and

  • Mentors who can build the organization’s next line of leaders

Your Course of Study

Over the course of an engrossing three-day session, you will examine the strengths and weaknesses of your personal leadership style. This program leverages lessons in leadership from today’s top companies as well as your inner resources and innate skills to help you become a more effective leader.

Self-assessment tools, group discussions, and scuba diving experience provide a rich learning experience to unleash the power of your unique vision of leadership. The program encourages you to combine these insights with the lessons and best practices from world renowned leaders to tackle the toughest challenges you face in your organization.

The Scuba Sutras: Lead with Impact! focuses on several key areas:

Communicating as a Leader
Effective communication is a hallmark of a good leader. The program shows you how to

  • Communicate more effectively, whether you are delivering complex information or managing a crisis

  • Use nontraditional techniques in order to expand your communication skills

  • Become far more sensitive to receiving non-verbal communication from your team

Creating Strong Teams
Inspiring and motivating a team is one of the most important responsibilities of a leader. The program helps you to understand:

  • The enabling factors you need to guide teams to greater productivity

  • How to confront the pressures, complexities—and rewards—of team culture

  • How to champion diversity within the team, and get the most value from individual differences

Leading Change
Emerging leaders are often called on to implement large-scale changes within the organization to align with new market initiatives or strategies. You will learn how to:

  • Foster a climate that inspires change in the organization through your personal leadership style, positive mindset, and individual action

  • Align culture, strategy, and structure to accelerate organizational change and improve performance

Ongoing Learning
After the program ends, the faculty will encourage you to work toward achieving the leadership goals that you established during the program. Apart from the faculty, you will be able to use your close network of other Scuba Sutras peers for guidance with ongoing leadership challenges.

Reported Participant benefits

Earlier participants of The Scuba Sutras: Lead with impact! have reported various benefits that they have derived from the workshop. Some of these are:

– How to use heightened communication skills to build high levels of reliability and trust within a team, so that team members enthusiastically follow your lead;

– How to confront your fear of the unknown and grow your self-confidence, becoming a calm and self-confident leader, and one who inspires confidence in others;

– How to make good decisions under pressure, with the confidence that you’ve done the homework needed for these decisions to be right;

– How to determine your personal limits, and know when to ask for help, expanding your own ability, and your team’s ability, to deliver many times over;

– How to builda checklist based on your leadership style, your team’s ability and your environment, ensuring that result orientation becomes a positive force rather than a drain on energy.

The Scuba Sutras: Lead with Impact! timetable

The First Day: Orientation

Arrive at Goa airport and take the pre-arranged transport to Sun Village. The first half of the day familiarizes you with scuba equipment, followed by one pool dive. The second half of the day is spent in explaining the ten Scuba Sutras and how they apply to businesses today. Case Study material is distributed to participants.

The Second Day: Experience

The morning session begins with two Open water dives in the safe and calm St Georges Bay. The time on the boat (during the trip and between the two dives) is spent in discussing the scuba experience, and how you could relate it to your own experiences in your organization. The second half of the day is spent in applying and assimilating the Scuba Sutras to your own work environments.

The Third Day: Summing up

The morning session is spent in summing up and applying the Scuba Sutras to your specific work situations, and drawing up action points. In the evening, you depart for the airport for your destination.

Please Note!!! The Scuba Sutras: Lead with impact! workshop is an outbound exercise that combines scuba diving experience with lessons in leadership. In the safe, calm waters of St Georges Bay in Goa, participants can experience these principles for themselves. By immersing them in an environment that is totally different from ones that they are used to, the Scuba Sutras workshop forces managers and leaders out of comfort zones and brings in tremendous experiential learning to understand, and learn to apply, key leadership skills.

Scuba diving is a safe and exhilariting sport, but to scuba dive safely, you should not be extremely overweight or out of condition. Your respiratory and circulatory systems must be in good health. A person with coronary disease, a current cold or congestion, epilepsy, a severe medical problem or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not dive. If you have asthma, heart disease, other chronic medical conditions or you are taking medications on a regular basis, you should consult your doctor and the workshop faculty before participating in this program.

While knowledge of swimming can be a great asset, it is far more important not to have a fear of water, to enjoy in this workshop. You should be able to step into a swimming pool, and on instruction, plunge your head under water for a few seconds.

In 2009, a Wharton School of Business round table discussion involving leaders from different businesses, including Engineering, Information Systems, Healthcare, Energy, Nonprofit, Education, Banking and Government, identified seven key challenge areas for leadership. These were

Adaptability to react in an effective manner to shifting circumstances in the business environment,

People Skills to observe the people in their environment, and intervene when help is needed,

Decisiveness to offer well-informed, fast and sound decisions when needed

Purposefulness and the ability to convey this to coworkers, sharing the ambition of growing the business with others,

Collaborative Skills to work with others, and teach collaboration, to their teams,

The ability to Innovate And Execute, and finally,

Self Awareness .. complete awareness of their own strengths and abilities.

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